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Cassini Spacecraft's Grand Finale

Cassini Spacecraft Saturn Rings Satellite Space

Please join us for our next Lunch and Learn presentation by Dr. Ken Phillips, Curator for Aerospace Science and Devin Waller, Exhibit Project Manager to commemorate the final chapter of NASA’s Cassini mission. After 13 years of unprecedented study of Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft will complete its "end-of-mission” on September 15th when flight controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory command the spacecraft to plunge into the atmosphere of the giant ringed planet — a bittersweet milestone event to this amazingly successful mission!

The presentation will feature some of the major discoveries from the Cassini mission and view some of the most spectacular planetary images ever released by NASA, as well as a visit to the world's only full-scale engineering model of the spacecraft.

Invitation is non-transferable and limited to (2). RSVP to by October 2, 2017 or call (213) 744-2035.